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Words in motion; gathered from the day

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Why not fall?

Why not fall?
sacrifice movement 
to stillness

Offer farewell 
to the whirling 
of the day
and follow 
the forest into 
the halls of 

Finding rest 
deep in curling 
intricacies of 
root and rock
pillowed in velvet
deep, emerald,  mosses.
drawn into the warm umber 
of last year's leavings
Letting the earth carry 
you into forgetfulness. 

They fall, the 
summer leaves
in autumn dress of 
spiced ginger, crimson 
and gold. 

They fall
at the mere whisper 
of a breeze 
Letting go of all 
they are 
Becoming a coverlet 
of rare beauty 
In time 
a counterpane
quilted with 
spiderly handwork 
embroidered with  
earth's tears 
dew and rain 
becoming crystal 
in the beckoning 
of Stillness.

Let the forest 
gather you up
Let your breath 
be the rise and fall 
of autumn mists
Let your heart
be the beat of 
passing days
Let your spirit be 
the song of the earth.


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