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Words in motion; gathered from the day

Friday, 20 December 2013

Winter Solstice - Shadows


Sometimes, it seems the light is too bright to bear

Sometimes, it seems  the dark has worries of it's own 

Sometimes, it seems the stars are the only ones watching

Sometimes, it seems the world turns without you

Sometimes, the best way to face your fears 
is to sit down and eat with them.

And know that God is in the shadows

Blessed be


Antiphon of Advent - Wisdom

O Wisdom, 
flowing from the mouth of the Most High; 
reaching far and wide, 
disposing of all things sweetly and mightily. 
Come teach us the way of prudence.

Sofia,  beautiful -  skin deep; 

heart deep; blood deep; gut deep.

The beauty of a crone; shining wisdom; 

flowing compassion; crafting prudence.

Sofia, midwife of hope; knowing beyond; seeing within. 

Tasting the humours on her tongue; 

ferric blood; salty tears.

Sofia, counting the quickening in her heartbeat;

Holding the moon in her embrace;

Calling Hope in her song.

O, Come...O, Come.